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How should I store my cannabis?

Dried cannabis is just like any other dried herb. Over time, it loses its freshness and potency. After a year, the THC content in cannabis drops by about 16%. This decline continues over time.

Cannabis is best consumed right away, ideally within a month. Properly stored cannabis can last between 6 months to a year.

We recommend buying cannabis in smaller amounts more frequently. This helps ensure a higher quality experience – and it lets us see our wonderful guests more often.

How to keep cannabis fresh:

  • Keep your cannabis in a sealable bag, like the one it comes in. 
  • Keep your cannabis in a cool, dry, dark place. Heat, moisture, and sunlight can damage the flower and affect the high. 
  • If there’s mould on the flower, that’s a sign of too much humidity. Throw it out. Mould can be dangerous.
  • If your cannabis flakes and crumbles when you touch it, that’s a sign that it’s stale. Consider a rehydrating stone.
  • Don’t store your cannabis in the fridge or freezer. the drop in temperature can affect the chemical profile and alter its potency.
  • Don’t use a cigar humidor. The oils from the cedarwood may absorb into your cannabis and change its terpene profile.  This rule is only for those concerned about preserving terpenes.
  • Don’t store your cannabis in plastic containers. This could lead to mould.
  • Don’t store your cannabis in clear glass.